Icy Reflections

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The University of Lapland´s Participatory development with the youth -project (PARTY) has given a possibility to collaborate between fourstakeholders: 1. the Omba Art Trust (Namibia), 2. University of Helsinki (Finland), 3. University of Lapland (Finland) and 4. the Sámi Education Institute (Finland).
Working in a multicultural and international team includes one main theme: “Icy Reflections”. The essential results of the project are transnational textiles based on Eija Timonen`s (Dr., a professor of Media Studies at the University of Lapland) ice photographs (ww.lightofice.net) which highlight the chosen theme and collaboration in Finland and Namibia.
The Icy Reflections is an attempt to visualize and explain the complexity that happens in collaboration where stakeholders from different cultural and educational backgrounds come together to work around a mutual topic. The collaboration is a proposal to enhance multicultural conversation in transnational textiles: embroidered, printed and woven fabrics.
Different textile design methods and techniques offer methods and possibilities to express the local culture and identity, and the dialectics between cultures. The target beneficiaries are San, Sami and Finnish women artists who have a potential to increase democratic participation. They reveal what they consider to be distinctive about their culture while interpreting the ice photographs. The results will be exhibited in Finland and Namibia in 2017- 2019.
Aikajakso12 syysk. 201919 syysk. 2019
Tapahtuman otsikkoCrossover Borås 2017: European Textile Network Conference
Tapahtuman tyyppiKonferenssi
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