GovTech and the Digitalisation of the Public Sector

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About the policy background
Digital services or e-services are crucial to improving public services and engaging citizens in urban and rural areas.
The European Commission has launched several initiatives to support governments embracing GovTech programmes to digitalize public services. For instance, the European GovTech Incubator is being developed under the Digital Europe Programme to enable cross-border and cross-domain experimentation.
The term 'GovTech' refers to the use of emerging technologies and digital products and services by the government from start-ups and SMEs—instead of relying on large system integrators. GovTech shares the following three common elements:
the public sector engages with start-ups and SMEs to procure innovative technology solutions,
for the provision of tech-based products and services,
to innovate and improve public services.
European governments are increasingly establishing GovTech programmes to deliver better digital public services, modernize legacy IT infrastructures, and find solutions to some pressing societal challenges.
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