Gender Studies Conference 2022: Feminist Matterings

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Feminist knowing through art and science
Convenors: Maria Huhmarniemi (D.A., University of Lapland) & Ilmari Leppihalme (PhD, University of Oulu)
In recent years, many research projects have sought to bring together science and art, and we are interested in the experiences of researchers and artists on such projects as well as the experiences of single researcher-artists and their individual projects.

What kind of experiences we have of the collaboration between art and science?

What could be the epistemological surplus value of art for feminist research, knowledge, and activism?

Could art, as a transgressive and innovative form of action, help to facilitate feminist knowing and, vica versa, could dialogue with research benefit art?

Could we, in the context of art, talk about a specific aesthetic experience and aesthetic knowledge, that differs from practical or conceptual knowledge and how could we combine these dimensions?

Could the influence of art be based on the aesthetics of empathy producing shared experience?

How could the collaboration of researchers and artists open up traces of unspoken affective experiences?

How could cooperation of art and science thematize the issues in an effective, activating and participatory way?

These and other questions related to the possibilities and challenges of the collaboration of science and art will be discussed in the workshop. On the basis of presentations we will consider what possibilities the dialogue and synergy of science and art and activism might open related to knowing as well as to visibility and societal impact of research and art.
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