Future Bio-Arctic Design - Organic Smart Textile (F.BAD)

  • Mika-Petri Laakkonen (Arvioija)

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The Future Bio-Arctic Design (F.BAD) project will create non-toxic and organic smart textile prototypes from natural materials, involving active Arctic plants and compounds. The aim of the project is to reduce the use of chemicals harmful and dangerous to the environment, animals and humans in the textile industry and to reduce the chemical load. The project is looking for compounds and fibers from nature (plants, trees, berries) that could replace the harmful and dangerous chemicals currently used. At the same time, new material and product blanks will be created for the Arctic textile and clothing industry, and Lapland's research, know-how and innovation centers will be developed on the basis of regional strengths. The aim is to raise the Future Bio-Arctic Design collaboration to the level of international research collaboration.
Aikajakso1 tammik. 201831 jouluk. 2031
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