EU Arctic Policy Assessment

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The overall objective of the EU Arctic Policy Assessment project (EUAPA) was to provide technical support to the European External Action Service and the European Commission in strengthening the EU’s Arctic Policy. The project was part of the European Union’s broader explicit efforts to bring the EU's Arctic policy to the attention of Arctic rights-holders, stakeholders and experts. The EUAPA project created space for discussing major developments in and around the Arctic that may be relevant for policymakers whose decisions affect the region. At the same time, participants had an opportunity to give feedback to EU officials on the EU’s Arctic policy and related activities. Four seminars were organized in the framework of the project from 2017 to 2019, The events brought together 283 stakeholders, rights-holders, EU officials and experts. Among the participants, 149 people came from various levels of government, 31 representatives from the private sector, 39 participants from civil society and 69 from academia and think-tanks. The discussions, key statements and outputs of the seminars — partly organized as interactive workshops — have been summarized in separate seminar reports. For each seminar, certain thematic areas were selected and background papers were prepared with a view to inspire and focus the discussion. These background papers are annexed to the concluding report submitted in May 2019.
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