Enviromental Art for Tourism

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Environmental Art for Tourism is a cooperation project of the University of Lapland’s Faculty of Art and Design, The Artists' Association of Lapland, and the four tourism companies in Lapland. The project aims to increase the use environmental art in the tourism environments in Lapland, especially in the sites that are located to the nature. The project consists of pilot projects in which artists and art students work together to make proposals, ideas and drafts for the companies. The focus is on applications of artists and designers skills rather than on making artworks in traditional sense. From the point of view of art education, the models of participatory design and the development of user-orientation in place-specific art are interesting. In this presentation I present the project and participating companies and discuss the results and faced challenges in the project.
Aikajakso20 elok. 2018
Tapahtuman otsikkoInSEA 2018: Interventions : The European Regional InSEA Congress (International Society for Education through Art
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