Digital Autonomy in the Computing Continuum

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Europe’s ambition for digital autonomy to gain leadership in the data economy and to empower our economy and society builds on the availability of a secure, interoperable, and sustainable computing infrastructure from cloud to edge to IoT. To realize such a Computing Continuum, it is necessary to ensure convergence of several technologies, including cloud, edge, IoT, 5G, AI, etc., where distributed resources and services can be smoothly orchestrated and aggregated on-demand to support a variety of data-driven applications. The workshop will address new cloud/edge technologies with enhanced performance enabled by and supporting AI, which increases European autonomy in data processing required to support future hyper-distributed applications.
This calls European stakeholders to join efforts and converge on a common research and innovation agenda, building on the momentum from strategic initiatives like European Alliance on Data, and Cloud Alliance; the GAIA-X Initiative; the AIoTI Alliance, or the Joint Undertaking ECSEL and its successor KDT (Key Digital Technologies). The 1-day virtual workshop aims at gathering researchers, innovators, industrial stakeholders both from the supply and the demand side, SMEs/Start-ups, policymakers, standardization experts, regulators, as well as relevant initiatives and projects, to exchange views on specific R&I topics, challenges, and opportunities and converge on priorities to guide future investments under Horizon Europe, Destination 3, area “From Cloud to Edge to IoT for European Data”.
Aikajakso11 marrask. 2021
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