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Helsinki Design Week’s popular conversation series is again part of the festival programme: Once again, Design Diplomacy will open the doors to ambassadors’ residencies and invites the most interesting people to visit and engage in conversation.

The concept is based on a discussion of two speakers present at an ambassador’s residence. One of the speakers is a design professional from Finland and the other from the embassy’s home country. The speakers meet over a card game in which each card contains a question/topic. The cards are selected at random, and the speakers cannot prepare for the topics in advance – this will ensure the surprise factor.
In addition to the conversations that take about half an hour each, interesting details will be revealed about the unique premises and their architecture over a beverage. The concept connects a unique setting with relaxed conversation, creating meaningful international connections between the embassies, design professionals and the audience. In 2022 we celebrate the opportunity to meet face to face again; up to ten embassies will be participating in the events
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