DECIMALS research collaborator Indonesia & Ivory Coast

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Collaboration between the DECIMALS research teams and experienced SRM modelling scientists is a crucial part of the DECIMALS research process. While the DECIMALS scientists are experts in modelling the local impacts of climate change, few have worked on SRM before. Therefore, each team has been paired up with at least one SRM modelling expert and they will work together remotely over the duration of the DECIMALS projects. Eight of the world’s most experienced SRM modellers have volunteered for the research collaborator role, which is unpaid. The research collaboration should be mutually beneficial, with the SRM experts learning about local climate impact modelling, and the DECIMALS scientists learning more about the wrinkles of modelling SRM geoengineering. Further, the regular collaborations between the DECIMALS teams and the pool of collaborators will help connect the teams with the people, debates and opportunities of the wider SRM research community.
Aikajakso12 marrask. 201816 marrask. 2020
ToimeksiantajaThe World Academy of Sciences, Italia