Competition Assessment HOME+2023 International Service Design Competition

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2023 Theme—Intimate

The feeling of family affection and intimacy has been the most noble emotion of all mankind. “Intimate” stands for the feeling between lovers and family members; “Intimate” also means grateful and thankful, means a friend in need, means emotion and love, means thinking of others before oneself…Whereas in the modern world of commodity today, “intimate” seems departing us. How can we seek, find, take back and re-connect with this close feeling and make “intimate” not just a notion, a commodity or an icon? How can we mingle “intimate” in service experiences and innovations, and to build a bridge of trust between service providers and users with this element? The advancement of social economy and modern technology has elevated people’s living standard and brought about more convenient lifestyle, in the meantime people are craving more than ever before for “intimate” service content and connotation, which will bring us back to the origin of commonly beneficial community.

With “intimate” as its theme, “HOME+International Service Design Competition(2023)” is focused on creating more intimate and friendly service experience and innovation in social service, medical service, elderly care service, community service and home service. We call for the attention to service design from all walks of life, to create more satisfactory and intimate service value for a better life of the people. Let’s explore new understanding, definition and content of service design by introducing the theme of “intimate”.

HOME+ International Service Design Competition (2023) welcomes students and teachers from design institutes all over the world to provide their own creation and solutions to “Intimate” products and services.

Competition Scope

This competition takes service design as the core and focuses on the theme of "pro", including but not limited to service innovation design, product and service system design, medical service design, urban and community service design, new rural service design, facing population aging Service design, service design for children's learning and education, social innovation design, etc.
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  • Tsinghua University
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