Climate Engineering Conference 2020

Aktiviteetti: Tapahtumaan osallistuminen ja tapahtuman järjestäminenKokouksen tai seminaarin tieteellisen tai ohjelmatoimikunnan jäsenyys


With increasing awareness and discussion of the risks of climate change, it is now more important than ever to provide a platform for transdisciplinary discussions that contextualise “climate engineering” approaches like removing carbon from the atmosphere and manipulating the Earth’s radiation balance alongside other interventions into global systems in response to climate change, including mitigation, adaptation, de-growth, rewilding, and more. The primary objective of CEC20 is to encourage greater knowledge-sharing and understanding. We aim to bring together perspectives from around the world to reflect on ways of responding globally to committed climate change in the wider context of societal transformations towards sustainability. CEC20 will provide a forum to present and discuss ongoing developments, scope key future questions and challenges for academia and society, and invite participants to reflect upon their roles and activities.
Aikajakso1 elok. 20199 lokak. 2020
Tapahtuman tyyppiKonferenssi
SijaintiPotsdam, SaksaNäytä kartalla
Vaikuttavuus / laajuusKansainvälinen