Climate change and private governance — Can transnational business organizations offer the solution to climate change?

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Climate change is an area of increasingly complex multi-level governance. Traditionally global issues such as climate change are seen to belong under global governance where the multilateral agreements negotiated by national governments have formed the central mechanism. With climate change, however, the governance mechanisms are taking on a variety of forms beyond multilateral agreements and the authority is been diffused across levels of social organization and types of actors. Sub-national authorities and private sector actors have become active players in the climate change policy arena. In many places private organizations are giving a substantial contribution to the implementation of adaptation and mitigation measures by providing significant expertise in technology and service delivery and committing to more ambitious greenhouse gas emission reductions than agreed by their governments. While private organizations lack the coercive power and resources available to governments, they are more free to act in regard of public support. This paper focuses on the role of transnational business organizations in climate governance and explores the possibilities they have in impacting on climate policy and action. With business responsible for the large majority of emissions, it is not to be seen only as a cause of the problem but a crucial part of the global solution too.
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