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This presentation is about a study of souvenirs with sound. Specifically, the focus is on the collection of bells that the researcher´s parents-in-law have purchased decades ago on holiday trips to Northern Finland, Sweden and Norway. The bells are hung on the wall of an old log cabin of their summer cottage. The distinctive feature of these bells is that they are ignored before they are pushed for one or another reason, causing a lot of clatter and noise. In this study, the bells are looked as independent souvenirs, on one hand, as sound-producing objects, on the other hand, and also as travel stories. I have analyzed the bells using a free application of Jane Lamb´s & Jo Kallal's (1992) product-oriented FEA analysis model. From the functional (F) point of view, I have looked at the factors related to the bell makers, travel stories of my parents-in-law, and my own encounters with the bells. From the expressive (E) point of view, I have looked at the different meanings of communication with bells for the individuals mentioned above. From the aesthetic (A) point of view, I have looked at the bell designs, materials and making. In particular, in all three aspects mentioned, I have paid attention to the sounds of the bells. The result of the study is, first, a methodological approach to studying souvenirs. On the other hand, the result of the study is different meanings of this specific bell collection.
Aikajakso23 huhtik. 2021
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  • Bell, souvenir, FEA