ARTIS TALK: MATTERS OF LIVES | Encounters on the Edge of the Pluriverse; High Altitude Bioprospecting: "Kangas"

  • Pietarinen, H. (Puhuja)
  • Melissa Grant (Puhuja)
  • Noora Sandgren (Puhuja)
  • Anne Youncha (Puhuja)

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While the future of our species is in increasingly put into doubt, humankind is slowly rediscovering itself as one of the nodes of an intricate mesh, which links the epidermis of our skin to the soil’s geology. This mesh, which spans from the microscopic to the atmospheric scale and harmonizes traditional wisdom with contemporary research, gave birth to a new model of the globe in continuous expansion — the Pluriverse. 
But how does this new vision of the global ecology connect to design practices? And how do we deal with the forms and aesthetics created by the Pluriverse’s relationships and meshes?
Matters of Lives consists of a series of gatherings which stem precisely from these issues and questions, a shared effort to bring these topics together and stimulate discussion. The encounters will take place during September 3—4, 10—11 and 17–18 at Meta Forte hosting projects by: Clelia Cadamuro, Anne Yoncha, Heidi Pietarinen Melissa Grant (HAB), Eléonore Geissler, Boglárka Lutz, Tocia!, Laura Hyunjhee Kim & Kevin Sweet, Ilya Martynov, Katie Pelikan Baselj, Elisa Piazzi, Aleksandra Przybysz, Faid Ahmad & Georgia Jamieson.
Aikajakso3 syysk. 2022
Tapahtuman otsikkoArtis talk: MATTERS OF LIVES | Encounters on the Edge of the Pluriverse: HAB: "Kangas"
Tapahtuman tyyppiSeminaari
SijaintiVenetsia, ItaliaNäytä kartalla
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