Art-Based Action Research on Contemporary Art and Environmental Politics

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The purpose of the research in my doctoral theses was to take part in discussions on environmental conflicts through art. I used art-based action research (ABAR) approach to prepare three separately assessed exhibitions, in which I dealt with local environmental conflicts in Lapland. I analysed them in research articles, and published an article-based doctoral thesis. ABAR is a research approach developed in the Department of Art Education at the University of Lapland. It is used mainly to develop methods for community art, environmental art, applied visual arts and art education. The cyclic research process includes making drafts and development plans, conducting literature reviews, creating artistic work and engaging in evaluation, conceptualization and reflection. In the artistic components of my research, my ambition was for the works to evoke emotions and multisensory experiences in the people who engage with the works, prompting them to reflect on the value of nature and on environmental issues, and instilling in them a sense of personal responsibility. At the end of the research, I concluded that contemporary art committed to environmental politics can function on multiple levels and have educational potential.
Aikajakso15 maalisk. 2018
Tapahtuman otsikko5th Conference on Arts Based Research & Artistic Research: Provoking Research and Social Intervention
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