Access for All through AI and Design

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The challenges presented by complex legal processes, systems and documents are well known. Once thought to exist predominantly for lawyers to work with, they are now increasingly seen in a new light. But access is still not there for all. In recent years, researchers and practitioners have started to explore new approaches that help people gain insights, understand better, and become empowered when involved in legal processes or when encountering legal information.

In legal research, especially Proactive and Preventive Law (PPL) and legal design approaches promote goals that strive for a sustainable business economy. While PPL is based on the ideals of proactivity, collaboration, fairness, and integrity, legal design research studies how these ideals could be implemented in practice when designing legal processes, solutions, services, or information.

Previously, (re)designing legal content according to the principles of PPL and design science has been time-consuming and has required extensive manual work. However, with the help of new AI and design tools, these processes can be streamlined and partially automated.
Aikajakso26 elok. 2021
Tapahtuman otsikkoNational XIX Legal Research Conference 2021
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