Academic freedom? Performativity, neoliberal womanhood and lifestyle blogs

  • Sini Erholtz (Puhuja)
  • Astrid Aminoff (Puhuja)

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In 2015 the Finnish government declared unforeseen cuts on education while simultaneously demanding an increase in results and productivity from researchers. That same year we started our PhD studies understanding that our career choice would require resilience, self-discipline and a lot of sacrifice. As young women professionals we understood we were expected to succeed in our careers, however, we did not perceive also being immersed in a culture of neoliberal womanhood epitomized in lifestyle blogs and being expected to comply with these new forms of womanhood. In Finnish lifestyle blogs Ball’s (2003) performativity, seemingly extends to every area of a woman’s life. The freedom to ‘do anything’ becomes an obligation to do everything. You have to hold the role of the perfect housewife while having a perfect career and ultimately through self-control you perhaps might achieve “perfect neoliberal womanhood”. Virtually bloggers achieve “neoliberal womanhood” by editing their depiction of their lives in a way that presents them as almost machine like, being able to complete endless tasks and perform multiple roles in a mere 24 hours. In the real world, we as young academics are struggling to live in a society obsessed with ideals of perfection and forced performativity.
Aikajakso26 lokak. 2016
Tapahtuman otsikkoBreaking Our Silences on the Neoliberal Academy: Facilitating change from a postgraduate perspective.
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  • neoliberalism
  • performativity
  • lifestyleblogs