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Design for Adaptation – Cumulus Detroit 2022

The complexity and scale of sustainability topics had deepened and transformed from the early days when most projects looked at changes in environmental conditions. However, climate change exposes significant systemic and social-technological problems across different areas. Design for Adaptation comprises changing behaviors, systems, and environments to reduce our vulnerability to the harmful effects of a rapidly changing world, including climate change, automation, and income inequality. Cumulus Detroit Conference 2022 will explore what role designers play in fostering Adaptation through a wide range of approaches, methods, visions, and experiments that draw on Adaptation to reduce vulnerabilities and promote resilience for any community, big or small.

For this conference, CCS has partnered with the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD) to bring a broader perspective from across the North American sector. Detroit, a UNESCO City of Design, is ideal for exploring art and design-led research in a sustainably minded and socially aware community of practice.
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