The Disruptive ‘Other’? Exploring Human-Animal Relations in Tourism

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Although there is a growing body of literature focusing on the use of qualitative research approaches for understanding human-animal relations, relatively little attention has been devoted to the topic in consumer research. Animals have a central role in the contemporary tourism industry and thus in the creation of tourism experiences. This videography, drawing from posthumanist epistemology and ontology, interprets and theorises multispecies relations in tourism context.

This film contributes to research done on assemblages and posthumanism. We construct human-animal relations as a multispecies assemblage (Haraway, 2008) which consists of various subjects and “considers being as ontologically multiplicitous, in which being is emergent via the present material configuration of multi-being connections” (Ogden et al., 2013).
Original languageEnglish
Media of outputFilm
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2020
MoEC publication typeI1 Audiovisual material
EventAssociation for Consumer Research Conference - Paris, France
Duration: 30 Sept 20204 Oct 2020


  • animal welfare
  • animal work
  • Animal studies
  • animal-based tourism
  • tourism
  • responsibe tourism
  • responsible business
  • Responsibility
  • Videography
  • nonhuman
  • human-animal relations
  • human-animal relationships
  • research methods
  • ethical business
  • ethical consumption
  • consumer culture
  • consumer research
  • CSR
  • social responsibility
  • consumption
  • responsible consumption

Field of science

  • Business and management
  • Tourism research


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