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This paper asks what kind of percepts constitute of abilities, vitalities and forces are built upon different ecological territories in media arts. Brief, preliminary analysis of percept in two experimental Finnish artworks, Paradise Family (2020) and Nimiia Cétii (2017), encodes vibrations of both human paradigm and varying machinic agencements. Two ecological decodings emerge from the analysis, one of homestead and one of a compost. In terms of perception, artificial intelligence in Paradise Family determine an anthropomorphized landscape after man. In Nimiia Cétii, an enhanced, pre-personal terrain of oddkins is established. Consequently, ecosophy of Paradise Family juxtapose to bios, mirroring the human condition, while the ecosophy of Nimiia Cétii parallels with zoe, proposing an equality between species
Translated title of the contributiontekoälyn ekosofiat
Original languageEnglish
Issue number10.1.2023
Publication statusPublished - 10 Jan 2023
MoEC publication typeB1 Article in a scientific magazine


  • artificial intelligence
  • percept
  • ecosophy
  • media art

Field of science

  • Visual arts and design


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