Developing teacher education of adult educators - targeting older people's media education

Project Details


The project is part of Teacher Education Development Programme of the Ministry of Education and Culture. It is coordinated by the University of Lapland, and the project partners are University of Helsinki and adult education centres in Helsinki and Rovaniemi.

The project develops the teacher education of adult educators in terms of its teaching practice, contents and methods. During the project, a digital study module focused on older people’s media education will be designed, produced and piloted in a research-based manner. The study module can be freely used by universities, liberal adult education organizations as well as adult education and training organizations. The study module focuses on older people’s media education, digital competences, teaching and learning. At the University of Lapland, the module will be integrated into teachers’ pedagogical studies.
Effective start/end date01.08.201828.02.2021


  • Ministry of Education and Culture: €300,000.00

Field of Science

  • Media education


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