Al in Learning

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The goal of the research is to design a pedagogical model to support the interaction of human and machine learning in the processes where AI is used. The aim is to explore the use of AI supported simulations and games as learning tools in different working-life educational contexts. The main concepts of the research are simulation-based learning, game-based learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and playfulness.University of Lapland, Media Education Hub will conduct research in collaboration with Stanford University (CISL) and University of Helsinki. Collaboration with Stanford includes 9 months of researcher exchange from University of Lapland to Stanford University (08/2020-12/2020 Ruokamo & Kangas). University of Helsinki is conducting brain research and collecting biosignal-measurement data that describes learners’ stress levels during the learning process.
Effective start/end date01.01.202031.08.2022


  • Business Finland: €250,000.00

Field of Science

  • Media education


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