Master's Degree Programme in Applied Visual Art and Nature Photography

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The master’s degree programme of applied visual art and nature photography is a three-year joint project of Kuusamo
College and the Faculty of Art and Design of the University of Lapland. The aim of the programme is to produce
innovative experts who are familiar with the Northern conditions and environment and are able to respond to future
challenges in the development of eco-tourism and welfare services. The project aims to take into account ecological,
social and cultural impacts in addition to economic impact of the use of nature and the environment, and to develop
cooperation between different fields with the principles of sustainable development.
The Master's programme is based on visual information, creative expression, nature photography and new agile digital
tools, environmental aesthetics, cultural history, nature tourism, service design, green welfare and ecosystem services.
These topics are bound together by the principle of applied visual art that is a project-oriented cooperation form
drawing its working methods from art and artistic operations linked closely with business and industry. A practical and
working life oriented training aims to respond both to regional and national skills needs in labour market and thereby
promote employment. With the project studies and working life connections, the programme also seeks to develop
students’ entrepreneurial skills and optimism towards entrepreneurism.
By combining the main organizers’ fields of expertise the project seeks to add complementary aspects to rational and
high-quality implementation of practical activities. Measures of the project benefit the local, regional and national
growth and structural change industries by offering the needed supply for training, quality and relevancy. The project
will produce valuable new knowledge capital for creative industries and promote innovation capacities. The Master's
program will strengthen the competitiveness of Northern Ostrobothnia, in particular Koillismaa and support region’s
smart specialization in the development of green welfare and eco-tourism.
The training will increase environmental expertise, and contribute to strengthening environmental awareness. It
supports environmental sustainability by developing and producing visual information and ways of presenting
information, which in turn will promote the sustainable use of natural resources and the conservation of biodiversity.
The Master's programme will advance welfare improvement by training knowledgeable experts to the fields of green
welfare, nature tourism and cultural environments. The project also promotes equality and gender equality.
Effective start/end date01.01.201730.09.2020


  • Kuusamon kaupunki: €20,946.00
  • European Social Fund ESF: €338,588.00


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