SUM Seniors United against Misinformation. Peer learning Media Literacy Initiative for Seniors

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The objective of the project is to increase seniors' resilience against mis- and dis-information at the EU level through piloting innovative peer-to-peer media literacy training initiatives. In order to achieve this, SUM brings together a cross-sectoral, cross-border consortium that include experts in the fields of senior zitizens' media literacy education (University of Lapland), fact-checking (Verificat), collaborative facilitation and design (Housatonic). SUM aims at supporting seniors to develop competencies to limit the impact of mis- and dis-information in the digital sphere, and competencies to find, share or produce trustworthy information online.

The project will design and pilot peer-to-peer learning media literacy initiatives aiming to strengthen the pedagogy for media literacy at European level to better serve the priorities and needs of seniors. A toolkit for peer teachers will be created in digital and printable versions as the main product of the project. The toolkit will be a “how-to” guide on how to organise media literacy initiatives for seniors, including methodologies, materials and recommended networking actions, and will be designed to be easily replicated by other organisations working with seniors and interested in media literacy activities. The toolkit will be translated in 7 languages (Italian, Spanish, Finnish, Catalan, English, French and German).
Short titleSUM
Effective start/end date15.11.202214.11.2024


  • EUROOPANKOMISSIO: €77,558.35


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