ProExpert: 45+ job seekers' career coaching

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The project is based on a need to improve the employment of ageing workforce and to fulfil the needs of the labour market. The employment of ageing people is promoted by providing encounters between employers and jobseekers and by pointing out various employment possibilities.

The project will train jobseekers over 45 years of age comprehensively in seeking employment by supporting them in recognising and updating their expertise and utilising various employment possibilities (entrepreneurship, part-time work, etc.). Employment is supported by new types of encounters: by forming pairs of jobseekers and employers that are assisted by the project supervisors and by arranging events where jobseekers can meet employers and demonstrate their expertise in practice. The project responds to the challenges of employer-employee encounters by improving 45+ workers’ public image, which increases employers’ awareness and experience of the expertise potential of the target group. In the project, employers have an active role in defining expertise needs in the job market and in updating the expertise of jobseekers, especially in the planning of short-term and precision training.
AcronymProExpert 45+
Effective start/end date01.02.202031.01.2023


  • European Social Fund ESF: €225,516.00


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