Legal challenges in regard reindeer number regulation

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The Finnish reindeer herding area is divided into the areas of 54 reindeer herding co-operatives. The maximum permissible number of reindeer is set for ten years. As a result of the development that started in the 1970's, the number of reindeer has been raised. In the areas of some co-operations this has caused that the maximum allowable number of reindeer has been exceeded. According to the Reindeer Husbandry Act, a reindeer co-operation has the right to make a decision to reduce the amount of reindeer. In practice, however, there have been situations in which these decisions were considered unlawful in legal practice. In some cases, there has been a question of breaching the legal protection of an individual reindeer herder
The research is a legal study, which deals with these issues. In the beginning here is a comparative section, which also examines the determination of the number of reindeer in Norway and Sweden. The central aim is to find concrete ways to keep the reindeer levels at the level permitted by the law without compromising the legal protection of individual reindeer owners.
Effective start/end date01.11.201830.11.2019


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