How to utilize Northern Finncattle' milk in local production - a mapping project (LAPPARI)

  • Soppela, Päivi (Principal Investigator)
  • Tuomivaara, Anne (Other)
  • Honkatukia, Mervi (Collaborative Investigator)

Project Details


The development of farms in Lapland is important for both food production and for the employment and settlement of rural areas. Northern Finncattle is an endangered local cattle of Lapland that is well adapted to the northern environment. This breed is healthy, fertile, modest in its feed intake and produces a high quality milk. The objective of the present project is to examine value chains and networks for promoting the production of Northern Finncattle’s milk and for increasing diversification and vitality of Lapland’s dairy farms. The aim is to examine possibilities to collect and refine the Northern Finncattle’s milk for innovative products and add its value, recognition and markets for example in tourism enterprises. The project is conducted by the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland in collaboration with the Natural Resources Institute Finland, Jokioinen. The LAPPARI -project is funded by the European Union’s Agency of Rural Affairs through the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in Lapland.
Effective start/end date01.02.201728.02.2018


  • European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: €89,084.00


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