Playful Lapland

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The Project prepares the best possible options for the commercialization of the Playful Learning pedagogy which aims at international growth as an education service. The primary target group for this education service consists of international teaching and education professionals, including principals, teachers and student teachers. In accordance with the Playful Learning pedagogy the educational substance is strongly connected to Lapland and the thrilling experiences offered there.

The Project studies three possible commercialization and business models: 1) onsite educational services, 2) online, and 4) game-like educational services. As an outcome, the project will offer a concrete package of various services and business model alternatives. The results include the studies and actions related to the preparation of the commercialization, which will help in the selection and future implementation of the business idea.
Effective start/end date01.08.201731.12.2018


  • TEKES: €399,600.00


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