Shaping, fixing and making markets via IPR: regulating sustainable innovation ecosystems

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The §hare project explores the emerging need for embedding ‘strong’ environmental sustainability in the IPR- and finance- related regulation of the innovation ecosystem of sustainable technologies, like climate change mitigation technologies. We critically assess the role of IP and finance laws in creating incentives for developing and promoting diffusion of sustainable innovations via closely looking into three main stages of the CCMTs’ innovation ecosystem: 1) financing (market shaping), 2) regulating the process (market fixing), and 3) sharing, licensing and transferring (market making) the innovations. Overall, §hare will develop a comprehensive academic study, comprising also of concrete recommendations, for how Europe could lead the transformation towards a more sustainable market economy.
Effective start/end date01.09.202031.08.2024


  • Academy of Finland: €280,000.00

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  • Law


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