How to get Lappish Cow's milk to the market - an educational project (Lapparikoulu)

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The current educational project, 'Lapparikoulu' builds on the earlier one-year project entitled "How to utilize Northern Finncattle's milk in local production"(Lappari) conducted at the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland in collaboration with the Natural Resources Institute Finland (2017-2018). The mapping project examined the current status of Northern Finncattle (Lappish Cow) in northern Finland and the utilization of it's milk including the situation of separate collection and processing. It also surveyed the plans of cattle owners in terms of the Northern Finncattle breed's future. The results showed that there was a clear interest to increase the number of Northern Finncattle and the utilization of it's milk, and indicated the need for education that will support this interest.

The present project, 'Lapparikoulu' started in February 2018. The goal of the project is to increase the knowledge of Northern Finncattle, the know-how of it's husbandry, and a better utilization of it's high-quality milk. The project is envisaged to promote the survival of this endangered breed and support livelihoods in rural areas.
The modules of the educational project will serve primary producers of the Northern Finncattle milk, those who are potentially interested in it's production and enterprises who are willing to use Northern Finncattle's milk as a raw material in their dairy products or services.

The educational project will organise lectures, workshops, theme days, study visits and other events that will include familiarization to the Northern Finncattle as a breed, it's history and care, processing and manufacturing of it's milk, milk legislation, side livelihoods and branding of the products. The education will be linked to latest expert knowledge and research in the field. Teaching will be in Finnish. The duration of the project is from 1 February 2018 to 31 August 2019.

Effective start/end date01.02.201831.10.2019


  • European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: €147,950.00
  • Mukana olevat yritykset: €16,438.00

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  • Multidisciplinary


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