Cultural-Sensitive Learning Path in Lapland

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The project Cultural-Sensitive Learning Path in Lapland is a continuation to a previous project Clear Path of Learning. The new project aims to use the knowledge and develops methods how the youth, sámi and immigrants, who are in the school transition can make individual choices. Also the personnel who work with the youth and the future teachers will get tools how to support youth in their school transition. The project will be executed in a close co-operation withdifferent educational institutes in Lapland.

1. Workshops to the youth, personnel and teacher students
2. Mentor activity to the youth
3. Guide video to introduce different educational paths in Lapland
4. Feedback will be collected during the project and the activity will be steered to the practical direction
5. Practical procedures will be developed which help the youth to make decisions of their future educational paths
6. Evaluating the horizontal impacts
7. Guidebook to help personnel in their work
8. The procedures, knowledge, results and models will be announced during and after the project

The workshops will help the personnel to notice and understand that the school transition is a meaningful state in youth ́s life in which the cultural background plays an important role. The youth who will attend the workshops will beactivated to choose individual educational paths and the methods how to achieve their goals. The teacher students will get important knowledge and transferable skills for their future work. The methods and procedures can be used after the project since all the material can be uploaded out of charge. The data which will be collected during the project will bring knowledge for the wider audience which builds dialogue around the topic.
Effective start/end date01.02.201831.01.2020


  • European Social Fund ESF: €121,894.00

Field of Science

  • General education


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