Lapland to gain expertise on exporting education

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The basis of expertise in Lapland consists of a region-wide network of universities, research organisations, and vocational institutes. One of the three main objectives of Lapland’s Arctic Specialisation Programme 2014-2020 is cross-cutting development of the region to enable Arctic growth. Globalisation, Lapland’s Arctic conditions, and the related expertise have increased the attractiveness of the region in the education exports market. Lapland’s assets consist of career-inspiring and first-class education, snow, Arctic expertise, nature, and an exotic location.

The project aims to strengthen the region’s capability to export education internationally by developing the related expertise among the personnel of Lapland’s educational organisations and businesses interested in exporting education. The project also reinforces partnerships between Lapland’s educational institutions and businesses in terms of international exporting of education.
Effective start/end date01.01.202031.03.2022


  • European Social Fund ESF: €334,920.00

Field of Science

  • Adult education


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