The Rise of China and Normative Transformation in the Arctic Region

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The ongoing transformation of great power politics – the rise of China as a world leader and the decline of the United States globally – will alter the shape of normative foundations of international society, including the Arctic regional affairs in which the Chinese are increasingly involved. Based on an analysis of political statements, strategies and other official documents, media content and interview data, the project will examine how the rise of China is shaping the processes in which notions of responsibility are defined, allocated and operationalized in the Arctic. With this design, the project promises to shed light on the kind of normative transformation the rise of China will bring about in international society, and how China will perform its great power responsibility in different policy areas and sectors. This information will then aid policy-makers, civil society and business corporations in making better-informed decisions and planning their future activities not only in the Arctic, but in other regions of the world as well.
Effective start/end date01.09.201831.08.2021


  • Research Council of Finland: €237,970.00

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  • International political science


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