Shared agency and empowerment in rehabilitation

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Person-centredness has been one of the central topics in rehabilitation during the past decade. It has several meanings: it has been interpreted, e.g., either as generally addressing the person's spesific and holistic properties, his/her difficulties in everyday life, or emphasizing the service-users's role as an active participant and decision-maker in the porcess. In this poject, we are interested in the roles of the rehabilitation participants and the professionals, but also the role of peers and peer supoort in the course of the rehabilitation process. Our central concepts are agency, shared agency and empowerment.

1. To find out what are the forms and contents of agency of rehabilitation participants, and in which ways the shared agency between rehabilitation participants and professionals, or between service user and persons giving voluntary or peer support is ralized and interpreted.

2. To find out, what meanings and effects different forms of agency and shared agency have from the viewpoint of the proceeding of the rehabilitation porcess and the oucome of this process.
3. A theoretical and conceptual analysis of the rehabilitation process, using concepts of personal and shared agencies and empowerment.
Effective start/end date01.01.201131.12.2013


  • Academy of Finland: €440,000.00

Field of Science

  • Rehabilitation science


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