Interdisciplinary curricula on indigenous and tribal peoples’ studies

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The project brings together scholars from Finnish and Indian higher education institutions to develop a coherent and uniform interdisciplinary course module with explicit content concerning indigenous and tribal peoples' studies. The project will establish a learning satellite through an online environment for students and scholars from both Finland and India and offer education mobility opportunities for a selected number of students and scholars from Finland to Indian partner institutions to carry out comparative studies on indigenous and tribal peoples. The project's ultimate aim is to strengthen cooperation in research and education between partner institutions from Finland and India.

The project runs for two years, starting from October 2020 and ending on 31 December 2022. The project partners are the Universities of Lapland and Oulu from Finland and three Universities from India including, the India Indira Gandhi National Tribal University, University of North Bengal, and Sikkim University.

The UArctic Law Thematic Network supports the project, and Research professor Kamrul Hossain at the NIEM leads the project.

Effective start/end date09.10.202031.12.2023


  • Finnish National Agency for Education: €35,500.00


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