Indigenous Cultures in Evolution: Governing Rights and Responsibilities through Sustainable Law and Ethics

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INCLUSION is a two years’ project aiming at strengthening cooperation between the participating HEIs to promote education, teaching and learning on the law and ethical issues at the crossroad of the regulation and governance of Indigenous peoples’ rights to their culture, with particular focus on the digitisation of Indigenous peoples cultural heritage (IPCH) and with a comparative analysis between the Global North (Finland and the Sámi people) and the Global South (Peru and local Indigenous peoples) approaches.

Beyond providing rewarding training to students and enriching their curricula, the project will spur students’ and other stakeholders’ social responsibility, raising awareness on important societal challenges in the specific context of law and ethics of IPCH, and by empowering them to provide for concrete solutions designed to restore justice and balance transnational economic relationships. Indeed, our overarching goal aims to promote knowledge and education on this important topic also outside the organizations that are formally part of this project.

University of Lapland/Faculty of Law and Arctic Center
University of Helsinki/Faculty of Law
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú/Graduate School
Short titleINCLUSION
Effective start/end date01.08.202231.12.2024


  • Finnish National Agency for Education: €68,436.00


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