ILO -Innovoidaan Lapissa muotoilun ja taiteen keinoin (kehityshanke)

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The ILO development project and the adjacent infrastructure project will focus on the procurement of infrastructure and later on mastering the use of new technologies in the design and product development process, focusing on the themes of experience and sustainable development, rapid prototyping, virtual technology, digital cinema, and consumer media and AV technologies.

The project will increase the provincial mobility and accessibility of design and artistic activities, supporting innovation activities beyond geographic distances. Workshops and pilots of the development project will translate the results into business cooperation across the region. The result of the development activities will be an operating model that supports incubation and a strengthened networking of Arctic design and art.
Effective start/end date01.04.202130.09.2023


  • European Regional Development Fund ERDF: €322,749.00

Field of Science

  • Visual arts and design


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