Global drivers, local consequences: Tool

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The ArcticHubs project is an ambitious, multi-disciplinary international collaboration that aims to develop research-led, practice-based solutions to help address the urgent challenges faced in the Arctic.

The project will work towards this goal through four specific objectives:

- Map and analyse global drivers influencing the future of the Arctic and explore how different kinds of global Actors in the region understand their social, economic and environmental responsibilities.
- Identify and quantify environmental, socioeconomic, cultural and political impacts of current industrial activities in the Arctic, and assess how predicted changes in activity resulting from adaptive responses to climate change will affect these impacts.
- Using a co-design approach, develop interactive tools for decision and policymakers to maximize uptake of knowledge of local situations and tensions, and to provide channels for continuous communication and dialogue with stakeholder groups.
- Using foresight methods, change the perspective from that of the present to the near future, with the aim of broadening consensus on developmental goals for the region.

Effective start/end date01.08.202031.07.2024


  • EUROOPANKOMISSIO: €295,392.00
  • EUROOPANKOMISSIO: €148,090.00
  • EUROOPANKOMISSIO: €45,768.00


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