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Aim of the project is to support knowledge management of front-line-managers in elderly care organizations during change processes focused on using digital solutions. The aim is also to enhance front-line-managers’ know how in developing digital skills of professionals and also in developing sense of collectiveness and positive learning environments in their organizations. When developing knowledge management we are also aiming to achieve staff retention and to increase competent staff availability in elderly care on Lapland and Northern Ostrobothnia areas, as well as to promote well-being at work on both social and health care professionals their and front-line-managers.

The direct target group of the project are front-line-managers of elderly care organizations (mostly municipal but probaply in companies as well) in Lapland and Northern Ostrobothnia areas. The indirect target groups are social and health care professionals working in elderly care organizations.

As a result of the project there will be developed a new tool for front-line-managers that they can use in measuring and describing digital skills of professionals working in elderly care. In addition there will be support for front-line-managers in developing positive learning environments when promoting new working methods in supporting peer-support when using digital solutions. There will be also created premises promoting front-line managers’ well-being at work.

The project will be implemented in collaboration with University of Lapland, Lapland university of Applied Sciences and University of Oulu.

As a result there will be new kind of know how in leading change processes and knowledge management in the context of digital solutions on elderly care. There will be new kind of know how in knowledge management in elderly care related to using technology, as well as a tool for developing and evaluating professionals’ digital skills in elderly care and learning environment will change more positive for changes related to digital solutions use. As the contribution of the project there will be new digital pilots implemented in target organizations and ongoing digital pilots being systematically managed and leaded. As a long time contribution the know-how of front-line-managers and also know-how of social and health care professionals related to digital solutions in elderly care will be improved. In addition the well-being at work in the whole organizations will be improved.

The improved management skills related to digital solutions in elderly care will promote cost effective service system, because the use of technology in elderly care promotes elderly people stay active as long as possible. Also, when developing management skills of front-line managers related to digital solutions, the retention of professionals and commitment in organizations will be improved and there will be more competent professionals available.
Effective start/end date01.09.202330.04.2026


  • European Social Fund ESF: €125,012.00
  • European Social Fund ESF: €119,216.00


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