eOPE – Supporting participation in remote learning in basic education and upper secondary education

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eOPE - Supporting Participation in Distance Learning in Basic and Upper Secondary Education -project aims to enhance teachers' competencies and reduce drop-out rates in remote learning among young people in Lapland. The project supports and increases the psychosocial skills of teaching staff in technology-based teaching, and thus in work related to the prevention of exclusion, as well as in the digital pedagogical challenges of remote learning and guidance. The project will organize supplementary training, develop and produce activating and participatory remote learning -related guidelines and tools from the youth’s perspective, and develops an interactive distance learning operating model to support teachers, through which the main goal of the project is to strengthen and support the young people in Lapland in their participation and completion of education also after the project.

The project is based on the current need to develop remote learning and guidance, because the Covid-19 pandemic caused a rapid transition to remote learning during the spring of 2020, but unfortunately some young people have not attended school since the start of remote education. Even if the need for remote learning due to the crisis passes, it is still likely that remote learning will play an important role in all studies in the future. In order to carry out extensive development activities in this project, it will take place in cooperation with the University of Lapland, Lapland Education Centre REDU, students and teachers.

The target group of the project is the teaching staff of vocational, upper secondary and secondary education, and the indirect target groups of the project are the students of these educational institutions in Lapland. The activity serves all students proactively, as interactive digital pedagogy is encouraged to be used with all groups of students. With this project, teachers will be able to better support young people at risk of exclusion during remote learning and guidance so that students will be able to complete their studies.

The project will be implemented between 5.1.2021 and 30.6.2023 and the overall budget is approximately 310000€. The project is responsible for increasing educational equality in secondary, upper secondary and vocational education.
Short titleeOPE
Effective start/end date01.05.202130.09.2023


  • European Social Fund ESF: €180,638.40


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