Enablement besides Constrains: Human security and a Cyber Multi-disciplinary framework in the European High North

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The research project maps the opportunities and threats residing in digitalisation in cooperation with the regional actors. It aims at supporting digital development which is able to meet the local needs and integrate local participants in its steering.

In the project, digitalisation and cyber security are approached from the human security perspective. The undertaking strives to mitigate fears and contradictions related to the everyday life of individuals and communities in the High North. Simultaneously, it empowers and engages them in constructing the digital future across national borders. Through a participatory and comparative multidisciplinary research framework best practices and ideas arising from the region will be implemented in the region. In the process, solutions to the challenges of so-far exclusive and discriminating digital trajectories will be provided.
Effective start/end date01.01.201731.12.2019


  • NordForsk: €820,583.00


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