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This project is based on the current practical need to develop distance learning. Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, basic education switched to distance education throughout Finland on a very fast schedule, and many teachers found themselves unprepared for the challenges of it. The project seeks to identify development needs related to skills in the use of technology and applications for distance learning in this new situation, and provides expert assistance in the implementation of digital solutions for distance learning in Lapland. Even though the acute crisis caused by the coronavirus will be over, there are still many teachers who do not have sufficient distance learning skills. This project aims to offer distance education-related training and support openly available to teachers and thereby influence their competency in distance learning situations.
The project aims to map the development needs of teachers competency in the use of technology and applications of distance learning in this new situation. Based on the identified needs, teachers will be provided with expert assistance
and training, and openly available support material will be produced for the adoption of pedagogical methods and digital tools in distance learning. Our goal is to guarantee quality education throughout Lapland.

The project deepens and expands the ability of teachers in the Lapland region to utilize digital solutions in various situations of distance learning through training and support material produced in the project. The project focuses on distance learning pedagogy, distance learning issues for different students, and the organization of arts and crafts subjects in distance learning. In addition, the project produces materials for the needs of distance learning in the Sámi language. The project will create an open digital platform for the material, in which the materials are found as easy-to read interactive infographs, where smaller icons can be opened and the information can be printed out if necessary. In addition, the project will produce podcasts and video recordings. The project focuses on the accessibility and readability of the material produced. The project also uses social media to share information.

Key findings

As a result of the project, new types of digital solutions as well as new types of pedagogical approaches utilizing digital technology have been introduced in distance education in the Lapland region. Teachers' digital skills will have
developed and diversified, and the quality of distance learning has improved.
Effective start/end date01.05.202031.12.2020


  • European Social Fund ESF: €61,156.80


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