Below-ground colors of Arctic vegetation greening: How shifts in soil microbial life strategies influence soil carbon stocks

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The project investigates how a shift towards increasingly shrub-dominated Arctic vegetation (“greening”) under a warming climate affects the soil microbial community life strategies and activity though litter and root exudate input, and how this impacts soil organic carbon decomposition and CO2 emissions from Arctic ecosystems.

Climate change is already altering vegetation and ecosystem structure but little is known how this will impact the soil organic carbon stocks stored in Arctic tundra.

We test a hypothesis that distinctly different shifts in microbial life strategies and activities take place depending on the type of vegetation shift (increase in deciduous shrubs vs. evergreen shrubs). This will contribute to our understanding of microbial C and N cycling mechanisms in the Arctic tundra and unravel how microorganisms inhabit and shape ecosystem functions in a changing climate.

The project is led by Dr. Minna Männistö (Natural Resource Institute Finland, Rovaniemi) with Arctic Centre as a partner.
Effective start/end date01.01.201931.07.2021


  • Academy of Finland: €40,000.00

Field of Science

  • Ecology, evolutionary biology


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