A Planetary Approach to Global Arctic politics

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To facilitate a profound green transformation of global life, this project aims at breaking the anthropocentric boundaries of International Relations theory. It develops novel conceptualisations of ‘planetary society’ and ‘planetarisation’ of world politics to describe the ambitious visions and fundamental reorganisation of political practices with the objective of transforming planet Earth into a safe and peaceful place where all species can thrive. Empirically the project focuses on the Arctic region that can be viewed as a showcase of the global ecological crisis and globalisation. The project asks: What would the social and institutional organisation of Global Arctic politics look like if planetary justice was put to the front and centre of politics? The key outcomes of the project include high-level publications, major funding applications, and an international workshop that seek to trigger a post-anthropocentric paradigm shift in IR.

Effective start/end date01.08.202231.12.2024


  • University of Lapland: €250,000.00


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