UArctic Photo Competition 2022

Prize: Invitation or ranking in competition


I participated in the photo competition in the teachers' category and won the 2nd prize with the photo Endagered Species/ made in collaboration with Rosy Martin:

My work talks about the importance of protecting the swamp areas without forgetting the human species. Swamps are the home of many endangered plants and animals. In addition, they are huge carbon sinks – important in the fight against climate change. The future of the human species depends on whether we adapt our actions to nature's carrying capacity. If we don't succeed, Nature will (quoting our national epic Kalevala) "sing us into the swamp."

(The picture was taken in Lapland, where 90% of Finland's protected swamps are located.)
Degree of recognitionInternational
Granting OrganisationsUArctic network, Finland


  • photograph
  • swamp
  • carbon sink
  • the human species
  • endangered