Revitalisation of crafts and local cultural education

Activity: PresentationPublic or invited talk


Revitalisations can be intergenerational and intercultural, with the aim of transmitting local knowledge, artistry, and cultural practices to new generations and new community members. Symbols and crafting methods, such as those in knits and embroideries, carry cultural heritage. New meanings and new societal use can be created when revitalising craft heritage. In this presentation, I demonstrate art and cultural education projects where dialogue, revitalisation, collaboration and empowerment are created through crafting. Arts-based action research has taken place in the province of Lapland, Finland, and in the context of the Arctic region.

Maria Huhmarniemi (D.A.) is an associate professor at the University of Lapland. Her interest is in enhancing sustainability through creativity and art education. She makes political art and develops arts-based methods for societal needs in the Arctic. Huhmarniemi is a docent at the University of Eastern Finland, in the field of social pedagogy, especially community-based art education.

The virtual talk was presented at the conference "The Art of the AI Era and the Future of Teacher Education of Art", on June 10th, 2023, at the Nanjing Normal University in Nanjing, China. The conference explored topics on art education in elementary & secondary school settings, including curriculum, teaching, and teacher education. The event addressed how to design an art curriculum and evaluation criteria to support youth mental development, and how to meaningfully integrate an art curriculum with the local art scene, traditional crafts, and local cultural education.
Period10 Jun 2023
Event titleThe Art of the AI Era and the Future of Teacher Education of Art
Event typeConference
LocationNanjing, ChinaShow on map
Degree of RecognitionInternational